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Wine Course in English
SDEN level 2: Basic Wine Course

You like to taste, drink and talk about wine. But when you are asked to blind-taste a wine or explain something wine-related to a friend, you hesitate. Do not dispair! Help is on the way! Join our SDEN 2 wine course and gain a basic understanding of wine. In five evenings you will learn how wine is made, the most important wine grapes and regions in the world (and the wine styles that make them unique), flavours and aroma's in wine, how to combine wine with food, and much more. Most importantly: you will learn how to taste and describe wine, by tasting around 40 different wines.

No prior knowledge of wine is required to join the SDEN 2 basic wine course in Wassenaar. But even if you do have some wine knowledge, there is still plenty to learn. For the price of €295 you will enjoy five evening lessons by an SDEN level 4 certified wine teacher. The English coursebook " I know more about wine"and all wines tasted during the course are included in the price. 


All lessons are taught in our wine store: Van Hogendorpstraat 16C in Wassenaar.

Course dates:

  • at the moment there are no available course dates for the English SDEN wine course

What time are the classes?

The lessons start at 7:30 PM and finish around 10 PM. 

What does it cost?

We ask a fee of €295. This includes:

 five evenings of "wine class", taught by a SDEN level 4 certified wine teacher

the book "I know more about wine"

a broad selection of wines to taste

Details about the five lessons

Lesson 1: Introduction, the history of wine, tasting and judgeing wine, grape varieties, the vine and its environment.
Lesson 2: From vine to wine: the harves, fermentation, ageing, bottling. Sparkling wines, sweet wines, fortified wines. 
Lesson 3: France.
Lesson 4: The rest of Europe: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany & Austria.
Lesson 5: The new world: California, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New-Zealand & South-Africa.


After you have completed the course, you can take the optional SDEN 2 official wine exam. If you pass (50 multiple choice questions, including 4 tasting questions; 60% correct = pass) you receive the SDEN 2 certificate. The costs for the exam are €85 and are not included in the regular fee.

What should I bring?

We will take care of wine glasses, spittoons, et cetera. We also provide you with pen and paper to take notes. There is no need to bring anything else.

Even geduld a.u.b.